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Links of Service

(From “Links of Service”, an ISR handout – unknown author)

These are the Links of Service for all Al-Anon members:

Al-Anon Group

The group elects a Group Representative (GR). The GR usually serves a 3 year term. The GR represents and speaks for their Al-Anon group at the District, Area Assembly, and Annual World Service Committee (AWSC) levels.

Group Representative

The GR goes to the District meetings and the Assemblies. The GR brings back information to the Al-Anon Group about what is going on, what opportunities there are, and other highlights of the program on local, Area, and World levels.

District Meeting

The District meeting is attended by the GR from each meeting in the District. This meeting elects a District Representative (DR) to chair the District meeting and assist in resolving District issues. Any GR can take an issue from their group to this meeting. If it is not resolved at the District level it can be addressed at the next ‘link of service’ – which in this case would be with the Area Delegate.

District Representative

The DR leads the District meeting, sends out the agenda for the meeting, and coordinates and supports the various activities of the District. The DR also assists with or moves on any issues or problems that come before the DR, AWSC, or Area Assembly.

World Service Office

Any member of Al-Anon or Alateen can call the World Service Office (WSO) for assistance. It is, however, suggested that the member first go through the links of service (GR, DR at the District Meeting, and the Area Delegate at the Area Assembly and AWSC).

Area World Service Committee

The Area World Service Committee (AWSC) meets in Oregon in February, June, and October, which are the months preceding the Area Assembly meetings. All DRs, Officers, and Coordinators are expected to attend these meetings. The agenda for the Area Assembly is planned at this meeting. Much is learned that can be taken back by the GRs – following the links of service – to the District meeting and local Al-Anon meetings.

Area Assembly

The Area Assembly in Oregon meets in March, July, and November. The Assembly follows the agenda set by the AWSC. All Area DRs, Officers, Coordinators, and GRs are expected to attend these meetings. Any Al-Anon member can attend but they have no voice at the Assembly.

Area Delegate

Each Area has a Delegate who attends – among other things – the Annual World Service Conference. Any issues that have been addressed but not solved through the links of service can be taken to the World Service Conference (WSC) by the Delegate.

Annual World Service Conference

Pretty much the buck stops here!!! Once a year all Area Delegates attend the World Service Conference (WSC) to make decisions on behalf of the Al-Anon members in their Area.


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